Brighton Beach Construction Update

DULUTH, Minn. — The construction on Brighton Beach began at the end of last summer, and its looking like it may continue on a few more seasons.

A new walkway was paved and extended at Brighton Beach for reconstruction last September, but what comes next is prioritizing the park and shoreline improvements to try and reinforce them.

Depending on contractor availability, they hope to have those under construction come this fall.

The next phase would be moving the road away from the shoreline, but that would not begin until summer of 2023, and finish the following year.

A parks and rec employee explained that its looking like the community will have to wait a little longer for Brighton beach to be completed.

“Retreat the city infrastructure away from the shoreline, that’s one way to mitigate for future storm damages. Another thing were doing is looking at different alterations to the shoreline to restore it to where it was to make it stronger, so excavation and placement of material to make it more resilient for the long term,” Cliff Knettle, Senior Parks Planner for the City of Duluth said.

From now and through construction this fall, the park will remain open for foot traffic, but not vehicle traffic.

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