Cold Water Immersion

DULUTH, Minn. – “Well to be honest I’m not a fan of the cold. I decided that I live in Duluth Minnesota and as we know it’s a very cold climate here and so I decided to make friends with the cold, and immerse myself in the cold, and have fun with it,” said Loralee Pasley, a Teacher at Evolve Yoga and Fitness.

Evolve Yoga and Fitness, a studio in Duluth that has been closed the last couple of years is now back open. With the reopening, the company wants to invite guests to try new experiences like cold water immersion that go beyond the studio.

“I think often times we think that we need to go on a retreat somewhere exotic like Mexico or Costa Rico to have a retreat experience, but we believe that we’ve got so many opportunities to offer that even if it’s just a Friday afternoon dip in freezing cold Lake Superior,” Evolve Yoga and Fitness Managing Partner, Katrina Pierson says.

Cold water immersion comes with physiological and psychological benefits such as reducing muscle inflammation, depression, regulating blood sugar levels, and weight loss. The key, they say, is mind over matter.

“In meditation, one of the things we teach is, it’s not necessarily about clearing you mind in meditation, but it’s the noticing of the way that your mind is working or thinking and so this is an opportunity for me to sort of observe and witness my mind and probably the million of times I’m going to jump out and just to take another breath and just relax into it,” Pierson says.

“It’s really about being present and being very mindful and I feel like jumping in the cold water at that very present moment you have to be mindful. With that, when you go out in everyday life stressing situations are more easily to be overcome,” said Pasley.

To get involved with these cold water immersion sessions, you can connect through the Duluth Cold Water Dolphin’s Facebook page or through Evolve’s website.

“If you’re new, go ahead, maybe you can even start with a cold shower, 30 seconds. That’s one step in the right direction that’s all you need to get started,” said Pasley.

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