JJ Astor Opens as the Apostle Supper Club

DULUTH, Minn. — A classic Duluth restaurant is opening up with a new name at the top of the Radisson hotel.

JJ Astor closed its doors a month ago, and opened up Thursday as the Apostle Supper Club.

With a new menu, drinks, and a whole new look, this rotating restaurant was scrapped from the inside out, and is now making its colorful reintroduction.

The owner wanted to make the restaurant more desirable for local residents to come in for a special occasion or to just enjoy the views.

“So where supper clubs were kind of invented back in the 50’s and 60’s we kind of wanted to bring that nostalgic kind of air back here, and bring it to Duluth, where the winters are cold, we wanted bright fun colors, we wanted food that was bright and maybe made you forget about the 8 months of winter,” Brian Ingram, Owner, Purpose Driven Restaurants said.

The restaurant at the bottom of the Radisson, Bowery Bros, is now called False Eyedoll as well, and the restaurants will be donating a minimum of 3% of all sales to Life House here in Duluth.

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