Stores Selling Licenses, Gear for Wisconsin’s Fishing Season Opener

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Saturday is the start of Wisconsin’s inland waters fishing season for this year.

Retailers across the Badger State are helping to sell licenses, which includes Northwest Outlet in Superior.  “We’ve been selling a lot of licenses lately,” says Scott Miller.  “There are a lot of people that are ready to be done with winter if the weather ever decides to turn around, but it looks like we might be heading in the right direction and get out there this weekend and do some fishing if they can find some soft water.”

Miller says they are doing their part to have the proper supplies available.  “Stuff is tricking in.  We’ve got fishing poles.  We’ve got fishing reels.  We’ve got line. We’ve got lures.  We’ve got a good selection.  You just might not find exactly what you’re looking for, but you’ll find something that is close, and there’s stuff coming in every day and we’re doing everything that we can to make sure that the shelves are stocked and the walls are full and we’re ready to go.”

With water temperatures still in the 30s and 40s across the region, Miller recommends people dress appropriately.  “It’s that time of year where it doesn’t take much of a wind shift and the temperature will drop 30 degrees when you are by the lake.  It’s just a matter of being prepared and having some extra clothing with you so that you can put on a few layers and warm up if it gets cold, or take some off and work on getting your sunburn when it gets warm.

Miller adds people should also have an outer layer that is water repellant and a life jacket.  “If you fall in the water you don’t have very long before the hypothermia sets in and it can be a really bad day really fast.”

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