Coffee Conversation: Barbara Reyelts Talks New Book, Journalism, Retirement

DULUTH, Minn. — Barbara Reyelts, who retired from broadcasting three years ago after spending nearly 40 years as an anchor, investigative reporter and news director at KBJR-TV, stopped by FOX 21’s morning show Friday to talk to Dan Hanger about her new book, “Dying To Live.”Brabrabook

The book is about an elderly medical scientist who awakes in a hospital to find she’s been reincarnated as a newborn baby — a baby who remembers every detail of her past life. She begins to walk and talk at less than two days old and is determined to build on her past medical knowledge, working toward something extraordinary.

Vlcsnap 2022 05 06 11h16m59s712Barbara follows the life of the reincarnated scientist through her incredible new life. The protagonist becomes the youngest medical doctor and researcher in history and discovers a cure that will change the world.

Click the video above to hear more from Barbara about the novel and how it came together.

In the videos below, Barbara and Dan talk about the changes in the journalism industry — some good and some not so good.

Barbara, who has a news consulting business, also talks about if it was hard to retire from news and if she’s content with retirement.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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