Grandmothers for Peace Call for End to Ukraine War This Mother’s Day

DULUTH, Minn. — As Mother’s Day approaches and the war in Ukraine rages on local activists with the Grandmothers for Peace want to call on women across the world to unite and re enforce the importance of peace.

In 1870, a writer, Julia Ward Howe wrote the ‘Mother’s Day Proclamation’, which was a call to action asking mothers to come forward and unite in promoting world peace.

Grandmothers for Peace want to remind the community of this proclamation in honor of Mother’s Day to continue to stand united against the war in Ukraine.

“We think it’s important to raise this issue of peace because it is so important, we are very concerned as grandmothers for peace with the escalation of this war, we are always against war, there is a solution because we feel as civilized people, that war is not the answer,” Sharla Gardner, Grandmothers for Peace, said.

Grandmothers for Peace are hoping the messages they spread now will gain traction among others so that a proper future with little to no violence is ahead for the next generations.

“I’m a retired teacher and also grandmother and having worked with children all my life, I don’t want to see the future deteriorate for them, and its already been a difficult time for children with the pandemic and so many world issues and I think the least we can do as adults is to think about the possibility of working out problems that come up,” Nina Preheim, Grandmothers For Peace, said.

Grandmothers for Peace has an online petition called the Code Pink Petition for supporters to sign, click here to view it.

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