New Salty Dog Reflects On Playing On DTA Trolley For Homegrown

DULUTH, Minn. — It’s been two years since acts have been able to play in person for the Homegrown Music Festival, and one venue in particular had people rocking between bars.

The New Salty Dog played on the DTA trolley Thursday night for Homegrown’s Superior night. The band was happy to be back for their 2nd time on the bus after last playing on it in 2019.

Looping around to numerous other venues in Superior, it was the most unique venue of the night, and those with the band, say it was the most memorable for them.

“The homegrown trolley, they usually throw solo acts on there, but our band was down to try to figure it out, we brought a battery for base amp, and the drummer played a suitcase, my brother Owen, for drums, and we just had a great time, it was a packed up trolley and, a lot of people just got on with us, and hung out with us for the ride too which was nice,” Guitarist Jacob Mahon of New Salty Dog said.

You can follow New Salty Dog’s social media to find out where they perform next.

Homegrown continues with their Kickball Classic Saturday at noon, and the live music plays around the Twin Ports through Sunday.

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