Amnicon Falls Drawing in Crowds on Spring Saturday

SOUTH RANGE, Wis. — The beautiful spring day Saturday had people taking advantage of the several state parks in the area.

The recent ice melt made it the perfect time to stop by for some fishing walk the trails with family, or take pictures of the waterfall.

“Into The Wild We Go” takes photographers on excursions to snap some shots of local landscapes.

Owners say this was the perfect time to get out and appreciate nature and capture it for years to come.

“All the beautiful waterfalls there’s so many photography opportunities here. So the waters really raging all across of northern Minnesota and Wisconsin. This parks so beautiful so there’s so many opportunities to get out and take a bunch of different pictures,” Beth Mancuso, Owner of Into the Wild We Go, said.

You can find out where and when a photography workshop is happening next on the Into The Wild We Go website.

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