Engwall Flowers Busy for Mother’s Day Week

Starting Tuesday florists say they were doing 200 to 300 deliveries daily.

DULUTH, Minn.- Business was in full bloom this Mother’s Day week at Engwall Flowers.

Starting Tuesday florists at the store on Matterhorn Drive by the Miller Hill Mall say they were doing 200 to 300 deliveries daily.

They say this year they saw a lot more people wanting their flowers delivered early.

Of course, things slowed down today but they still peaked at 200 orders going out.

Flowers are a great way to shower mom with love and also brighten up a room for spring.

“Flowers are just beautiful. Usually, they have a beautiful scent, and it’s, gets us, for us in Duluth it’s that spring,” said President Betty Eklund. “We also start thinking of the outside flowers and me it’s, flowers just feel good in May.”

Florists say the most popular items this year were once again their hanging baskets, and fresh bouquets.

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