Mother’s Day Celebrated in Duluth

DULUTH, Minn. — Mother’s day is a day to a celebrate and honor the wonderful women in our lives, and a few local spots are doing what they can to help make the day special for families.

Flowers, sandwiches, and tea filled the halls of the Merryweather Inn in Duluth as they hosted their first mother’s day tea for families to come to.

“Mom’s like tea and tea is just really fun, there’s nowhere else in town that really does it and we do it right so,” Beth Koralia, Owner, Innkeeper Of Merryweather Inn said.

The 1904 mansion, currently a bed and breakfast, served as a special place for families to stop in on Sunday morning. And over at Pike Lake golf and beach club also held a special mother’s day event.

“It’s a buffet style with the typical brunch fare and then desserts,” Co-Owner of the Pike Lake Golf and Beach Club, Roger Anderson, said.

Each experience was unique for the venues hosting them. The Merryweather Inn took advantage of the historical property to bring some of the past to the present.

“We use vintage china and linens and we use old fashioned recipes with lots of butter,” Koralia said.

Meanwhile, at the Pike Lake Golf and Beach Club, this is one of the only times they offer a buffet-style holiday brunch like this.

“It’s a nice event to have, about the only time that we serve like this and for mother’s day, it’s really well received by the neighborhood, most of the people who come here probably live within 4 or 5 miles,” Anderson said.

And the feedback has been consistent throughout each event.

“Oh everybody loves it it’s the, they say it’s fantastic, it’s delicious so,” said Koralia.

For Roger Anderson, taking the time to give back to the person who does so much for us, is what this day is really about

“When I think about the mothers that I know and what they do for their families it’s a well-deserved honor for a day just to celebrate your mothers,” Anderson said.

And when asked what their mothers mean to them, “Well she’s the meanest lady I’ve ever met,” Anderson added with a laugh.

For Koralia, “Oh it’s all about mom you gotta love mom right? My mom’s coming over later she did all the napkin folding for me so I put her to work”.

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