Memorial Blood Centers In Duluth Announces “Blood Emergency”

DULUTH, Minn. — The Memorial Blood Centers has hit critically low levels of blood donations and announced a “blood emergency” in a press release on Monday.

The MBC says its supplies are down so much, it only has enough type O blood and platelets to cover the need for one to two days, with its general supply able to cover up to three days.

The standard is to have at least enough blood supply to cover up to five to seven days of demand for it.

The MBC welcomes all blood types, but emphasizes it needs type O, type Rh negative, and platelets the most.

According to the organization, one donation of blood can be used to save the lives of up to three patients.

The organization says it took a hit in terms of its staffing because of the pandemic, which hurts its ability to increase the number of donations it can take it each day.

It adds that its working to hire more employees to meet the demands of collecting blood donations, such as being able to schedule more blood drives and appointments.

“We are coming into a traditionally challenging time of year for blood donations with spring break and pre-summer activities preempting a regular appointment schedule. Normally we would head into the season with a strong blood supply, but we approach it now with alarmingly low reserves,” Kathy Geist, the senior executive director of MBC, said it the press release. “We do want people to set appointments for this week, and also schedule repeatedly throughout the summer and into the fall to replenish the reserves to help meet the needs of the community.”.

You can make an appointment by calling 1-888-448-3253, or go to

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