Charter Fishing Season is Back Underway in Duluth

DULUTH, MN – Another sign of spring in the Northland is the charter fishing boats back in the water down by the William A. Irvin. It took a little longer to get the boats out this year because of the cold weather, with the first even having to break some ice to get out of the marina just last week.  We are told the cooler water is limiting the salmon fishing, but the lake trout are doing pretty good.  Regardless of what fish are biting out on the lake, the ship captains are excited to be taking people out fishing again as the weather continues to get warmer.

“Almost every trip is great, not just for the fishing, but for meeting the new people and hearing their fish stories, and then sharing some of our stories.  There’s always joking and razzing each other, and it’s a good time,” said Peter Dahl, captain of the Nauti Hooker.

The Northland attracts people from all over and the chartered fishing vessels offer a unique experience of not only fishing out on the big lake, but also seeing Duluth from a different perspective.

“The crew was great.  I mean the captain, we got all kinds of information that, if I could only remember it all. But, like I said, we do a lot of fishing, but never did anything with downriggers ever before and that, so it was a completely new experience. You get a completely different perspective of looking at the city, you know, and looking at the Duluth and that from being out on the water,” said Larry Koniarski who is visiting from Belle Plaine, MN.

Lake trout season stays open until October but we will see some captains start to take their boats out of the water towards the end of September.

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