Digital Wellness Event at Cloquet Public Library

DULUTH, Minn.- Tuesday, an event called Digital Wellness for Teens, Tweens, and Caregivers was held at the Cloquet Library.

One of the leaders from the Carlton County Youth Collaborative spoke at the event. She said with many people, especially youth, feeling different pressures from society, it’s important to de-stigmatize topics that can still feel somewhat taboo to talk about, such as mental health and suicide.

Groups such as “REACH” and “Students Offering Support” came out as well to listen to the talk, which focused on resources in the community that can help.

“I love being a part of this community. I just… like that’s what my passion is, that is where I get my excitement. That is what fills my cup, and brings me joy is to help people get the help that they need,” said Positive Community Norms Coordinator, Cara Keinanen.

More events will be happening next fall, once a month. More updates will be available on the Cloquet Library website.

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