Duluth City Council Approves Projects for Affordable Housing

Seven presentations for affordable housing projects were brought before city council in last night meeting.

DULUTH, Minn.- Affordable housing continues to be an issue across the country, and Duluth is no exception. Now, Duluth City Council has approved applications for up to 480 units of new affordable housing.

Those projects will now go to the state level to determine available funding for each project. Seven projects were presented to Duluth council member last night. The city wants to give those housing units the best possibility to compete for state funding to address the housing issue locally.

City council president Arik Forseman says, “Housing is just such a big topic though because our employers are running into issues where new employees can’t find a place to live, they’re turning down job offers and also we just see the impact on the lowest levels with our homeless population not having some place to go to so, it is a big community concern and that’s why I think we’re seeing more focus on it over the past couple of years, and I’m proud of what we’ve done but we’ve got a long ways to go too. ”

It’s unlikely all these projects will receive the go ahead for state funding since many low income housing projects in other cities around Minnesota are also being considered, but council members are hopeful at least some will be able to move forward.

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