CHUM in Need of Food Donations

DULUTH, Minn. – CHUM is asking for food donations as its supply has become increasingly low.

The Director of Distributive Services says the issue has been compounded by increasing prices with inflation, the war in Ukraine affecting certain food imports, and even environmental issues.

They are short on peanut butter, beef stew, and dried pastas which are all things they’ve had an abundance of in the past. CHUM is used to going through 600 jars of peanut butter a month, but it currently only has a few left on the shelf.

“We’re hitting that point where food is becoming more and more scarce and harder to find and it’s not coming in as quickly and as reliable as it has been in the past,” CHUM Director of Distributive Services, Scott Van Daele says.

CHUM received 50,000 pounds of food in March that would normally last them until July, but it has already been used up.

You can donate funds through chum’s website or drop off a check or food donations in-person at its facilities. Check out chum’s website to learn more.

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