Minnesota Toward Zero Deaths Host Annual Duluth Workshop

DULUTH, Minn. Last year saw the highest number of traffic deaths in Minnesota since 2007.  One program is taking a deeper dive into the data to figure out why.

More than 70 groups and people part of Minnesota Toward Zero Deaths gathered in Duluth Wednesday for the northeast region’s 12th annual workshop.  The event featured speakers with knowledge on the issues they see as possible causes for traffic deaths, booths related to the issue, and discussions on how to chance the traffic safety culture to combat the rise.

Holly Kostrzewski, Regional Coordinator for Minnesota TZD’s Northeast region, say one reason for the rise in traffic deaths during the pandemic was due to more people speeding as they noticed fewer people driving on the road.

“Then they coupled that with other bad behaviors,” says Kostrzewski.  “Typically a crash isn’t just one bad behavior.  It’s a couple.  So it is impairment and speed?  It is impairment and un-belted.  There’s usually more than one bad behavior that’s occurring behind the belt.  Even more reason why you should make sure you have a sober ride home.”

Kostrzewski says anyone who has an interest in bringing down traffic deaths can be part of this effort.  “Who are the other traffic safety champions out there, because if you’re out there and you want to be involved we welcome you with open arms.  We’re all truly sharing the roads together, so how are we going to solve this problem together.  It’s not just a state problem, it’s not just a county problem, it’s not just a city problem, it’s all of us that care about our roads and care about sharing our roads.”

Toward Zero Deaths wants to see traffic deaths in Minnesota drop to 225 by 2025.  So far they are down 25-percent this year when compared to this time last year.

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