National Police Week Observed In Duluth

DULUTH, Minn. — This week is National Police Week and the Duluth Police Department takes this time to acknowledge and thank officers for the sacrifices made.

National Police Week pays special recognition to officers who have died in the line of duty as well as those who make sacrifices to serve communities every day.

Duluth Police Chief Mike Tusken spoke about the 8 officers who have died in the line of duty from the Duluth Police Department since it first started, and wants to take this week to highlight the commitment of law enforcement and recognize the realities of it as well.

“Some of that sacrifice is just the nature of our work, and the conditions of our work, and then you have to add in all the other factors of its dangerous, it is very stressful, you see the best of humanity and the worst of the humanity and so often times that all has an impact on you over a career,” Mike Tusken, said.

This week is being observed through the 17th and there will be A Law Enforcement Memorial Luncheon next Tuesday at the Radisson to pay special recognition to current officers serving the city, as well as remembering the 8 who have died.

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