St. Luke’s Re-Development Adding Capacity from Parking Lot to Patient Rooms

DULUTH, Minn. — As St. Luke’s introduces phase two of their redevelopment, which includes the adding and improvement of inpatient units and expanding the parking capacity, they invited community members in to talk about their questions and concerns before they begin this next project.

Phase one of the redevelopment concluded in 2020 with the addition of specialty clinics, expanding the surgery unit, and relocating and adding to the emergency department, ambulance garage and labs. On Wednesday, they kicked off phase two with the community to hear their thoughts on it.

“Part of our strategic plan is to integrate community interest in our redevelopment and so this is an opportunity for community members to join us, look at the plan, and provide any suggestions or feedback in that regard,” Mike Boeselager VP, Support Services at St. Luke’s said.

Phase two is called ‘Health Forward’, and this phase will focus on the critical care expansion with two additional floors on top of building A, the reconstruction of the parking ramp which will add 177 spaces of parking, and remodeling inpatient units in hospital. One former St. Luke’s worker who is now retired is happy to be kept in the loop.

“Once you retire you kind of lose track of what’s going on in house. I know more about what’s going on at my neighborhood clinic than I do with the campus here downtown,” Debbie Johnson, an Attendee and PFAC Board Member said.

Current St. Luke’s staff has already been given the opportunity to offer input as well.

“Lot of excitement as you might imagine, also some suggestions just on how the flow works for patients, where to place the computer in the room and some of those details that are really important to the care providers,” Boeselager said.

But members of the public all agreed that the transparency between St. Luke’s and the community is huge for future improvement.

“I think it’s great and I was really happy to see it on Facebook that it’s out there and available to whoever’s curious,” Johnson added.

The design of this next phase will continue to be planned through at least end of 2022, they hope to break group on it early next year, and complete it by mid-2024.

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