Second Annual Luncheon from the Radisson to Police and Firefighters

DULUTH, Minn. — The Radisson hotel took the opportunity today to honor local law enforcement and fire departments with an annual luncheon.

It was the second annual “Salute to Our Duluth Firefighters and Police Officers” luncheon hosted by the Radisson.

This was an idea that originated in Texas, and was brought up north by an appreciative staff member who says it’s an opportunity to serve boxed lunches and say thank you in person for all the services they offer the community.

And where safety has been a concern lately downtown, the Radisson is thankful for everything our officers and firefighters do.

“They’re out there every day and it’s a scary place, even though were in little ole Duluth Minnesota, we still have our share of issues and they’re out there making sure that our guests number one are safe, that our staff is safe, and the hotel is safe, so it’s just a big thank you in a little way,” Nancy Kilpo, Director of Sales And Marketing at the Radisson said.

The luncheon went from 12 to 2 Thursday and the Radisson intends on keeping this going for years to come.

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