Wisconsin DNR Collects Data on Walleyes in the St. Louis River

DULUTH, MN – The Wisconsin DNR was down at Chamber’s Grove this morning gathering information on the walleye population such as their age, sex, and length.  The information gathered gives the DNR an idea of what kind of population is out there along with how they can better manage and sustain it. This is done through regulations during the fishing season.

“This whole process is important because it sustains such an important recreational fishery. It sustains it basically through natural reproduction. So the fish basically take care of themselves. And it’s, again, an important thing so that we can make management decisions based on harvest levels, how many fish people can take, how many fish of what size people can take,” said fisheries biologist Paul Piszczek.

The fish were collected using a low power shock, but they recover from it quickly and all were released back into the river once the data was collected.

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