Annual Blessing of the Port Ahead of Busy Shipping Season

DULUTH, Minn. — In 2021, nearly 33 million tons of cargo came through our waters here on Lake Superior, and while it’s still too early to tell where this season will take us, we took some time to recognize our port at the annual blessing.

This blessing has happened for decades, and spearheads the beginning of summer shipping season. It recognizes the port community, and gives thanks for the work that’s put into maintaining it which helps boost the economy, import and export goods, and in the process, introduces those working on the ships to our beautiful port city.

“It’s important because I think people sometimes forget the importance of this Twin Ports area with the amount of work and people and effort that goes into have this be a vital port community,” Reverend Douglas Paulson, Director, Twin Ports Ministry Of The Seafarers

Even though our port has recorded a lower number of shipments so far this season, with weather playing a factor in making it difficult for ships to come through, staff says that is no forecast for what’s to come over the summer.

“It’s been very good for grain and for salt thus far but for more of the common commodities like coal and specifically iron ore have been a little bit below normal to this point but really I think the keys have really been the uptick in salt, the uptick in grain, those have been the two highlights thus far,” Jayson Hron, Director Of Communication And Marketing, Duluth Seaway Port Authority said.

As shipping begins to pick up, and the first cruise ship is set to arrive at the end of May, there is a lot to look forward to, and a blessing to promote a prosperous season.

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