Ukraine Woman Living In Duluth Heads Back To Border to Deliver Medical Supplies

DULUTH, Minn. — Bogdana Krivogorsky went to the Poland-Ukraine border last April for 3 weeks, visiting and handing out 13 duffel bags of medical supplies she collected from hospitals in Minneapolis.

This time she’s going back, and local dentist offices are helping her with this trip called “Duluth to Ukraine, With Love.”

Bogdana is getting more local support this time as word of her assistance is traveling fast, just as she is.

Last April she brought 13 big bags full of all types of first aid items, and this time she’s hoping for 60. She’s also gathered an additional 2000 pounds of medical supplies she plans to ship to Ukraine from Minneapolis.

“This is actually one of those very situations where that little thing does make a difference,” Krivogorsky said.

With the help of a friend, Mike Letica, businesses like dental offices are stepping up with supplies. They plan to donate money as well to purchase equipment needed at the refugee camps and medical facilities in on the border of Poland and Ukraine.

“I know that the Duluth people want to help people wherever they are, whether its Texas or whether its Ukraine, when you’re giving money to a person and you know directly, they’re going to go to take care of the people you want to help, that’s important to me as well as the whole community,” Letica said.

After relocating and living in Duluth for the past 30 years, Bogdana says it’s important to go back and help families who don’t know what tomorrow may bring.

“That’s what any Duluthian wants, we want to see our kids run around and get married and have grandkids and leave them some legacy and all of that has been ripped out, all of that has been taken away, so I can do that little itty bitty thing for them, for me it means so much,” Krivogorsky said.

Bogdana flies out for her second trip to the Ukraine border on the 25th of May.

Contact her on Facebook if you would like to donate, or donate on Paypal to, and Venmo @krivogorsky .

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