ECFE Lester Park Visits Gnesen Outdoor Playscape

DULUTH, Minn. – Early Childhood Family Education or ECFE for short, held a mixed age class today at the Gnesen outdoor playscape.

The class from Lester likes to do field trips out in the community where kids and their parents can get outside and support nature play.
The Gnesen outdoor playscape is open to the public and has swings, slides, and a frisbee golf course.

The class today consisted of a child led segment where parents follow the child’s lead, story time, and a parent group meeting where summer safety and summer activities were discussed.

“This type of play is so important for lot’s of reasons, but it’s a different play, it’s very natural, it really pushes the children’s boundaries for their development and really thinking about like moving their bodies in a gross manner and that risky play which is just so important for kids to just push themselves and really gain confidence in moving their bodies,” ECFE Lester Park Parent Educator, Samantha Webster says.

This is the first time this spring the class has taken place at the Gnesen outdoor playscape. They have also visited The Great Lakes Aquarium, the Rose Garden, and Enger Tower.

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