River Quest Returns to In-Person Format

The River Quest welcomes around 1,000 students from across the region.

Duluth, Minn.- Sixth graders from across the region will gather down at the DECC for a fun-filled educational field trip, learning a little more about our great lake.

Nearly one-thousand students will come to Duluth’s waterfront this week for the annual River Quest field-trip. Sixth graders got to participate in about a dozen hands-on activities, that include learning more about pollution, water safety and hopping aboard the Vista Star for a cruise around the port.

Sixth grade teacher Liz Fredericks says, “We’re surrounded by the beautiful Lake Superior around us and the estuary and I just think, them getting out and seeing, you know, what people do everyday in the water, on the water and to keep the water clean is important. We’re trying to build good humans and people that want to take part in the community and be out and swim and take care of the environment. ”

Students learned from a number of different organizations, like the City of Duluth Utility Operations, Sappi and The Lake Superior National Estuarine Research Reserve, about ways they can do their part for the environment.

“If you grow up around here, you’re kind of taking care of the whole lake and so you have to make sure that you’re doing a good job, and so you learn about what you can and can’t do,” says sixth grader Tylee Savoye.

The River Quest even runs thorough Thursday of this week.




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