Congdon Park Bike Rodeo Returns

DULUTH, Minn. – The Congdon Park Bike Rodeo returned Tuesday for the first time since 2019.

The Bike Rodeo was a free event for all elementary kids and families in the area to come and learn about pedestrian and bike safety and rules of the road. The event featured a mountain biking agility course, a bike raffle, and demonstrations on how to fix a chain or tire.

Those who brought a food donation for CHUM also received an additional raffle ticket.

“The American Heart Association recommends 30 to 60 minutes of physical activity every day for adults and 60 minutes for kids, and these kids unfortunately don’t even get gym class everyday. You know they do often go outside for recess but we all could move more. And so, this is really helping to provide physical activity and health and well-being,” Congdon Park Elementary PTA Member, Katie Benziger says.

For some Congdon Park students, the bike rodeo was a way to not only have fun outside, but to also learn new skills.

“I hope to learn what the ABC Check is, I know it’s air, brakes, cranks, chains, and check your helmet, but I want to learn how to actually do it,” said Theo Benziger, a third grade student at Congdon Park Elementary.

“I’m excited to learn how to mountain bike because I’ve never gone mountain biking before,” Congdon Park third grade student, Natalie Isemberg says. Benziger adds, “Yeah and how to go off like seesaws, drops, out there.”

The bike rodeo also featured two food trucks, a firetruck, and a book fair in the library.

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