Local Speedways Planning to Final Open for Season This Weekend

Halvor Lines Speedway plans to open for the season this Sunday with doors opening at 4:00 p.m. 

PROCTOR, Minn. – Rain and frost are less than ideal conditions for dirt tracks.

“You’ve also got to think about frost in the track. Because if there’s frost in there, that will wreck cars which is very expensive, it’s hard to get parts these days,” president of the Halvor Lines Speedway Duane Caywood said.

Local race tracks including Halvor Lines Speedway in Proctor are usually up and running by the beginning of May. But the ongoing winter caused plenty of delays.

“We just want to get going. That’s all we want to do, as all tracks do. We have a short season as it is. We’ve been trying to do this stuff but we just couldn’t start. We would have been racing already, many races. Last year we started before Mother’s Day,” Caywood said.

But now the fun can begin as track maintenance in Proctor began just a few weeks ago.

“They’re doing right now grading, picking a lot of rock. You can see we’ve still got to get all of our advertising signs up,” Caywood added.

And with more rain in the forecast this week, volunteers with Halvor Lines Speedway are doing what they can to still get the track prepped for Sunday.

“That big John Deere tractor with the sheepsfoot, he pounds in holes and what happens when they do water, the water will go into those holes into the clay and then later on when we’re racing, the moisture comes up, we get tac. That way, the tires grip more and they go faster,” Caywood said.

Halvor Lines Speedway says all of the local race tracks have been talking throughout and helping each other out so they can all open as soon as possible, which they hope is this weekend.

“Just this weekend, we’ve got superior opening, we’re opening, Hibbing’s opening and Ashland. We’re in this together, all teamwork all tracks,” Caywood added.

Halvor Lines Speedway plans to open for the season this Sunday with doors opening at 4:00 p.m.

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