Swollen St. Louis River In Scanlon Means More Business For Some

SCANLON, Minn. – Weeks of heavy rainfall after the snowmelt have sent the St. Louis River on a wild ride, including in Scanlon.

“It’s the highest we’ve seen in 10 years, 2012 obviously — the 500-year flood was the highest,” explained Aaron Hanson, co-owner of River Inn Bar & Grill, which sits along the river.

During the 2012 flood, Hanson said the business got as much as four feet of water inside.

But he said, as long as the water stays where it’s at, he’ll take it over a dry river because he said more water means more recreation, which means more visitors to his business with a view.

“You don’t see a lot of rafters coming down when it’s too low, which we got to see last year. So seeing this, it’s great. It brings people out. Actually, we just had some – it looks like a YMCA from New Jersey coming down with canoes this morning going down the river,” Hanson said.

Besides losing some grass, Hanson said the River Inn is doing just fine and the water has slowly been receding in recent days.

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