Emergency Management Leaders Attend Annual Under One Roof Conference

DULUTH, Minn. – The response to recent flooding by emergency management units is the latest example of how they can come together to help the public stay safe.

That was one of the topics on the minds of the roughly 300 people attending the annual Under One Roof conference at the DECC this week.

For the past decade, this conference has provided emergency managers, fire departments, paramedic, Red Cross volunteers, and others a place to learn from each other on how best to handle emergency communication, community sheltering, mass care, and other topics.

“The education you learn and the experiences you learn from some of the keynote speakers,” says Cook County Emergency Management Director Mike Keyport.  “And again back to the networking with meeting new folks, new ideas, and intertwining with not only emergency management, but public health and Red Cross and other agencies.”

For Keyport, the conference comes at a time when his county has seen flooding from the snow melt and spring rains.  “Cook County has experienced a number of road washouts, culvert failures.  We’ve had to close a number of roads.  Interesting story, we actually had to plow snow detour routes to help people get out of areas safe.  Grand Portage experienced a bridge wash out.

Cook County has declared a local emergency declaration, and we will be seeking reimbursement funding from the state and FEMA.”

Other topics that were discussed this year included COVID, helping victims of human trafficking, wildfires, and homelessness.

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