Superior Mayor Proposes Plan to Combat Affordable Housing Crisis

SUPERIOR, WI – Superior Mayor Jim Paine is proposing a partnership with the nonprofit Green New Deal Housing in an attempt to combat the affordable housing crisis.  An agreement would lead to the development of vacant lots owned by the city with homes that are energy efficient and rely on renewable energy for electricity and heating.  While the houses would cost between 300 to 450 thousand dollars to build, Mayor Paine says potential buyers would pay a price more in line with what the median income for Superior is.

We’re in a housing crisis. A combination of available housing inventory, high interest rates, lack of access to capital, that’s what’s keeping people out of houses, not income.  People can afford to buy houses and they can afford to live in them if those prices are consistent with the incomes in the area. So that’s what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna try and meet that gap.  It’s about opportunity for the neighborhood, for the community, and for a few lucky families,” said Superior mayor Jim Paine.

There are a multiple steps before it makes it to the city council for approval starting with identifying which lots to reserve for this program to make sure that it works.

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