Recent Storm Winds Cause Property Damage in Saginaw

SAGINAW, MN – Wednesday’s storms brought recorded wind gusts up to 60 mph along with hail nearly 2 inches in some areas, but for some in Saginaw, the winds were reported by the National Weather Service to be up to 80 mph and were strong enough to cause quite a bit of property damage. Roof shingles were pulled up, a chimney cap taken off, several trees uprooted, and even a 1000 gallon propane tank was flipped over by what appeared to be a funnel cloud.  Fortunately, nobody was injured thanks in part to the quick thinking of one local resident.

“The wind started blowing and it started raining, then it started hailing, and then the noise started. It was like a loud train coming. And I seen the tail end of what I think was a tornado. And when it hit the trees here I dived into the basement,” said Saginaw resident Dan Chapinski.

Dan was able to do some quick repairs on his house before the next round of rain while he waits for the insurance adjustor to come to his property. In the meantime he says it will take him about a week to get his yard back in shape.

There were no confirmed tornadoes from Wednesday’s storm, though one funnel cloud was reported to the Weather Service in the McGregor area.

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