Nearly Naked Ruck March Returns

SUPERIOR, Wis. — Today is Armed Forces Day and over at Mont du Lac, 23rd Veteran held a unique event in support of all who served.

Over 280 Ruckers participated in the first non-restricted Nearly Naked Ruck March since 2019. The march raises money and awareness for 23rd Veteran’s 14-week program that’s currently taking place in Duluth. Ruckers marched to and from the top of the ski hill as many as 5 times, symbolizing a lot of the hardships veterans experience while in active duty. Organizers say over 150,000 dollars has been raised in aid, but they also talked about why the event is called Nearly Naked.

“It began on the lake walk in Duluth in February. People wore nothing but long underwear and some people wore nothing but shorts. So that was the original naming of the event, but now a lot of people apply it to how they feel after coming out of the military. Coming back from combat, they’re not allowed to have their weapons, they’re not wearing their body armor, so as veterans we often feel nearly naked, we don’t have our team with us,” Mike Waldron – Executive Director, 23rd Veteran said.

Many Ruckers carried a backpack filled with food and clothing that, upon finishing the march, were weighed and had the supplies donated to Disabled American Veterans (DAV).

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