Proctor Speedway Re-Opens for Race Season

PROCTOR, Minn. — It’s a bit of a later start to the season than normal but racers are ready to go as Halvor Lines Speedway hosts its opening night here in Proctor.

“It’s been a late season for all the tracks,” Duane Caywood, President of Halvor Lines Speedway Proctor Minnesota said.

About a month late to be exact, which isn’t always ideal, but regardless,  close to 90 cars rolled into proctor on Sunday for the opening of the Halvor Lines Speedway.

“So it’s just one of those things in Minnesota this year but you know what, everyone’s itching to race and everybody’s itching to watch them so, were doing the best we can,” Caywood added.

This is a staple speedway for many of the racers who always return to take it all in.

“We sat on the back straight away as little kids, me and my brother and sister and we all had our favorites…. so we’d come here every Sunday and watch the races and got to cheer them on our whole life,” Jody Bellefeuille, Owner And Operator Of Number 11 Modified said.

And now fans are cheering for Jody and dozens of other drivers for the season. No matter how fast they go, the drivers are always dialed in.

“Yeah it’s pretty much an adrenaline rush, last night was our opening night so there’s always the first race jitters, don’t want to crash the car and scratch it up but we got that out of the way right away and it’s getting to be a lot of fun,” Bellefeuille said.

It’s a bit of a family reunion too as some of these people have been involved in the sport for years, and embrace the camaraderie that comes out of it.

“These are families, not just race cars, its friends, and you know you make friendships through the years,” said Caywood.

“That’s the whole thing like last night we went to oval v for their season opener and afterwards we all went up to the building and had pizza, this morning we met for breakfast and you start as competitors but you end the night as friends and that’s the whole deal,” Bellefeuille added.

The speedway is open every Sunday through September for races where gates open at 4 o’clock.

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