DECC Hands Preparing To Welcome In Cruise Ships

DULUTH, Minn.– With summer rolling around, the DECC is looking for volunteers to welcome in cruise ships.

DECC Hands is a volunteer group for those wanting to greet, and welcome those coming off the vessels to the city of Duluth.

They are looking for people who love Duluth, and are wanting to tell new comers about all of the best places to visit. DECC officials say this is a great way for people to explore Duluth and show off the city.

“It’s really exciting right now, there are so many people who have been working behind the scenes for years to make this cruising expedition a reality for Duluth. So, I think it is a real opportunity and it is going to be a win for the city,” Director of Communications of the DECC, Lucie Amundsen, says.

One of the first big ships, the Viking, is coming in May 30th. It is 600 feet long, and twice the height of the Irving.

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