Superior Roux Offering Variety of Flavors at Pop-Up Location

Superior Roux operates out of the old Billings Park Cafe building, which was purchased by the Sutherland family and turned it into Venue in the Park which now offers a commercial kitchen rental and event space. 

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Opening Superior Roux has been a long time coming for co-owners Paul Lukens and Jeremy Wilson.

“We’ve both been in the culinary industry for about 30 years mixed together. We kind of came together and realized we work really well together and a lot of our palate and a lot of our flavors work well together so we were like hey maybe we should do our own thing so we’ve been working on it for about a year and a half,” Lukens said.

The Sutherland family purchased the old Billings Park Cafe building and turned it into Venue in the Park which now offers a commercial kitchen rental and event space.

“They’ve put in a lot of effort and a lot of care into making this place really nice again and we’re just really appreciative and humble to start here and be able to prepare our stuff here,” Lukens said.

So now a few times a week, Superior Roux takes over the space, offering a variety of breads, pastries and Cajun flavors.

“Jambalaya, gumbo, beignets, coffee is available with beignets, it’s café du monde coffee. And we also offer,” Wilson said.

“We got that homemade chicken stock going right now, that’s really a big thing that we’re really proud of is that we do all of our stocks and all of our sauces and everything from scratch homemade, the real traditional way,” Lukens added.

Superior Roux has officially been operating for a few months now and has continued to grow.

“We said let’s open up preorders and let’s see how it goes. The first day we hit our goal and so we realized let’s set it a little higher. So we ended up tripling our original idea of what we wanted to do. So compared to our first week when we made two loaves of bread, we’re now up to 30 and 30 some orders of tarts,” Lukens said.

While it’s been an exciting challenge for both of these first-time business owners, they both say the support has kept them going.

“We just never expected it and the amount of support is overwhelming and it’s awesome. I’m a local boy so it’s nice to feel the community and it feels nice to be part of a strong community” Lukens said.

You can find what days Superior Roux will be open and what they’ll be serving on their Facebook page. 

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