Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota Hosts Grand Opening of LSS Bethany in Morgan Park

DULUTH, MN – After a nearly two year process, Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota held a grand opening of its new facility in Morgan Park to better help children, youth, and families.  The 3.3 million dollar facility was made possible through several community donors and replaces the much smaller one at the same location that has been used since the early 1970s.  The larger facility allows for a more warming and caring atmosphere, additional programs and opportunities, and also more partnerships with families and the community.

“All of our staff are appropriately trained at working with youth and working with families and we just enjoy having the opportunity and the blessing to partner with families and help people to grow.  We firmly believe in meeting people where they’re at and helping them to grow from there,” said program director Duncan Gregory.

LSS in Duluth serves nearly 100 youth each year and the new shelter will be able to support over a dozen at any given time.

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