SolFed Farm Receives Certified Naturally Grown Recognition

SolFed Farm is the only farm in Minnesota to receive this distinction. 

DULUTH, Minn. – Farming started as more of a passion project for SolFed Farm owner Liz Strohmayer.

“We started with a few raised beds which quickly turned into a lot. It was ideally, it was supposed to be our way of being more self sustainable, and living a more self sustainable lifestyle,” Strohmayer said.

But then Strohmayer decided to share that with the local community, giving them a place for more locally sustainable produce.

“We’re planning on about 45 different crops, 45 different types of fruits and vegetables. We care a lot about the environment and the environmental impact that with what our farm does or doesn’t do for the environment. so we really focus on soil health,” Strohmayer said.

Which led to SolFed Farm recently being recognized as Certified Naturally Grown by a grassroots organization made up of farming peers.

“It’s a way for small farms to be able to stand out amongst all of the medium and large farmers that have maybe the funding backing them to be able to do it or even the labor,” Strohmayer said.

SolFed Farm is the only farm in Minnesota to receive this distinction.

“I think it’s a huge honor but I also really want other farmers that are following some of the practices to be able to get their own certification as well,” Strohmayer added.

Now Strohmayer is looking forward to a busy summer with produce being ready by mid-June, while sharing her passion with anyone who stops by SolFed Farm.

“July is usually my favorite part because that’s when everything’s in the ground, everything is planted and things are looking beautiful. It’s amazing to be able to come out and pick what we’re going to eat for dinner, and go back in the house. I grew up with a garden when I was a kid and that helped me learn the work ethic that I have now. And it’s extremely rewarding to be able to say that our meal tonight came from the land that we own,” Strohmayer said.

To learn more about SolFed Farm, visit their website.

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