Candle Light Vigil for Texas

DULUTH, Minn. – “People are so upset by this shooting and angry and so we knew we needed a place for people to come to express their grief to light a candle. It was put together in a hurry but we’ve done this so many times before unfortunately that we can do this,” Northland Brady Protect Minnesota Chapter Co-President, Joan Peterson says.

A mix of emotions boiling over from leaders and community members in Duluth as another senseless mass shooting took the lives of children and teachers this week, this time down in Texas.

Peace United Church of Christ held a vigil Wednesday in honor of the lives lost after the shooting that took place in Texas on Monday.

A candle lighting and a prayer took place along with speeches from city officials. Speakers included Mayor Emily Larson, city council president Arik Forsman, and city councilor Gary Anderson.

Those who spoke talked about the tragedy, along with their beliefs that gun laws need to be reformed.

“After every mass shooting, we do this, we have a vigil, we have a bell ringing, we do something, and what is happening? Nothing, and that explains why the shootings keep happening and children, little children are being shot. We can’t have that, we can’t live like that,” said Joan Peterson.

At the vigil, sign up forms were available for anyone interested in getting on an email list for educational materials.

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