National Wine Day

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Wednesday was National Wine Day and people over at the Spirit Room in Superior didn’t miss the chance to celebrate.

Wine day is all about appreciating the wide variety of wines and the regions they come from nationally and globally.

To celebrate, the Spirit Room ran a special where every glass of wine was just $5 dollars.

Staff there say the great thing about wine is it’s variety and ability to create camaraderie.

“The nice thing about wine is there is so many different things going on and I think it just brings people together in so many ways whether it’s read, white, rose, amber wine is kind of the new thing. So, I think it’s just a kinetic way of enjoying spirits and coming together and having a good time,” Spirit Room Manager, Lindsey Graskey says.

The Spirit Room in Superior will now be open Wednesday through Friday from three to ten and Saturdays will be reserved for events.

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