Duluth Garden Flower Society’s Flower Sale Returns

DULUTH, Minn. – Those still looking to find the perfect flowers for their home garden this year will have plenty to choose from at the Duluth Rose Garden this Saturday.

The Duluth Garden Flower Society will hold their 26th annual plant sale starting at 8 a.m.

President Taire Lind Suliin says more than 20 garden clubs from across the city will have perennials, annuals, roses, tress, herbs, vegetables and orchids that thrive in the Twin Ports climate.  Cost for plants will range from 2 to 5 dollars.

“We have gotten so many responses saying ‘Yes I’ve been waiting for this!’” says Suliin.  “It’s going to be nice to be outside and we already know that we don’t have 40 tables like we used to have because there’s nothing yet to dig up yet in some cases, so we’re probably going to have almost 20 tables.”

Suliin adds the Saint Louis County Master Gardeners will also be on site to help provide information on how to best put together a home garden.  “You can come and say ‘I kind of want to start a garden. What should I start with?’  They will be able to answer your questions, or they will help you with ‘don’t start growing those because it’s going to go all over your lawn.’  So it kinds of give them a chance to share their expertise with you.”

All proceeds will go towards each clubs’ efforts to help beautify Duluth.

The event will also be a chance for each garden club to recruit new members.  Suliin says current members are aging out, which has led to the cancellation of instructional seminars and flower shows that have given people a chance to showcase what they have grown.  “We’re still thinking about maybe continuing the educational line.”  That includes taking part in a gardening show on WDSE/WRPT-TV, and taking people out to their garden plots to showcase how people can help take care of them.

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