Hermantown High School Physics Students Apply Lessons on Buoyancy and Flotation

DULUTH, MN – Physics students from Hermantown High School were putting some of their newly acquired knowledge to the test this morning out on Pike Lake.  The students spent the last couple of weeks building cardboard boats after learning about buoyancy and floatation. Their engineering challenge was to determine where the water line would be when the group of students loaded into their boats.

“Obviously we live in a lakes area, a lot of people out on boats and fishing, and so they have an understanding of what it means to have buoyancy. Why do things have buoyancy? And again, any time we can apply what we’re learning in class to a real life situation it’s a lot more fun,” said Hermantown High School physics instructor Ted Perala.

This is a project Mr. Perala does every year and is something future physics students look forward to participating in down the road.

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