Superior Middle Schoolers At Cemetery For Memorial Day

SUPERIOR, Wis.– Memorial day is a time to remember the men and women who gave their lives serving in the U.S. military. While we can never fully repay their ultimate sacrifice, Superior Middle school students spent their time at the Riverside Cemetery before the holiday weekend commemorating the fallen soldiers of the Northland.

“I feel like this is a place where I can come and be safe. Pay my respects. It’s a little bitter sweet but I’m glad to be out here. Saying that I can come out some place and just be able to truly honor our veterans in a way I couldn’t before,” Superior Middle Schooler Volunteer, Brenden Farrell, says.

More than 20, 8th grade students were out in the cemetery city’s south end, Friday to clean, and lay flags on headstones as a way to pay their respects. they thought of the families that will be coming out on Memorial Day, and were glad to show them they cared.

“I know that people are going to come out here, and I saw a couple of graves that even weren’t veterans, but I cleaned them off. They were in really bad shape and if they come out there, they’re gonna see a shiny grave, and I think they’re gonna feel pretty good about that,” Brenden says.

Families of fallen soldiers came out as well to join the middle schoolers. Veteran Wesley Heckensmith Jr. from the Disabled American Veterans 3rd district was moved to see the kids helping out.

“It’s great to see the youth out here, respecting things I also respected when I was growing up. It’s nice to see that they do take the time to come out, and honor the veterans that are not only here, but in other grave sites.” Veteran, Heckensmith Jr. says.

The Superior Middle School does this annual community service event to recognize the solemn meaning behind Memorial day weekend. As they work together to make a difference in the community many will recognize and appreciate.

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