Deer River Storm Damage

DEER RIVER, Minn.– Behind me includes one of the neighborhoods in deer river that was devastated by Mondays storm. as sad as it is to see, the community believes the silver lining is the massive support coming from their friends and neighbors.

“They just show up. stop and say can we help, and I’m like, absolutely. Deer river is a great community, because this is what happens when stuff like this happens,” Home Owner in Deer River, Carol Skaja, said.

After a night of severe weather that brought 70-80 mph winds, Deer River was faced with a large amount of damage across the northern part of the area. Including roofs and walls ripped off of buildings and homes, along with knocked down trees and powerlines.

“Almost all the damage was on the northern side of town. The U.S. Post Office was severely damaged. Our funeral home was damaged to the point where it will have to be condemned,” Deer River Chief of Police, Brian Casrellano, said.

Despite being short lived, it was powerful none the less.

“The sky was all grey. you could see the green coming from behind that, and as soon as it got green over town, just the wind, instantaneous. Right away we saw shingles, lumber, maybe stuff 40-50 feet in the air,” Casrellano, said.

As crews were out late Monday night, into Tuesday to get the power connected back to buildings, the community continues to work together to clean up the debris off the streets. “It is a pretty tight knit community. people really watch out for each other,” Skaja said.

“Community support is awesome, and it’s great here. The community is always willing to come out and help each other,” Casrellano said.

While the future clean up tasks is a big one, the police department reports that nobody was seriously injured. We continue to wait for updates from the national weather service about the severity of the storm. In light of the ongoing clean up efforts, the deer river police department estimates that electricity will be restored but Wednesday afternoon.

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