Local Travel Agency Guides Cruise Ship Guests Through Duluth

DULUTH, Minn. — A local company called Jaybee Travel teamed up with Viking Cruises to provide passengers with local experiences on Duluth land.

On May 30, 2022, the Viking Oasis became the first cruise ship to sail into the city since 2013. Cutting through heavy fog and rainy conditions, the cruise landed and guests departed to shore  where the Duluth community and local excursions awaited them.

“Weather was certainly not on our side, but even despite that everyone was in such a good mood. They said the welcome they received from the folks here in Duluth was the best that they’ve ever had from any stop,” said Jason Vincent, owner of Jaybee Travel.

The agents behind Jaybee Travel, including Jason Vincent, Jeff Anderson, and previous owner Sue Beck, say that the idea is to provide education, exploration, and warm welcomes to cruise guests in hopes that they will come back for future voyages.

Passengers were guided to popular Duluth sites, including historical landmarks like the Glensheen Mansion, gaining both historical value and adventure.

The Viking Cruise line is set to return six more times this year and is already booking 2023 dates.

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