Northwestern’s Trent Meyer Headed Back to State Tournament

Meyer's run at a state championship begins next Monday and Tuesday at Black Wolf Run Golf Course in Kohlar, Wisconsin. 

SOLON SPRINGS, Wis.- This week Northwestern’s Trent Meyer qualified for the WIAA State Tournament as an individual.

Last season, as a junior Meyer was one stroke away from winning a state championship, now he knows exactly what it will take to finish on top this time around.

Meyer says, “I think putting is the big thing. Earlier in the season, I was struggling with my putting but I’ve been working hard on it and it’s getting a lot better. I have been improving a lot. So if I can put good next week, I think I’ll have a good chance. Other than that, just hitting greens and not making big mistakes.”

“Looking back at it, I think everybody that was there and witnessed what went down thinks that probably he should have won that thing and it came down to putting, He’s got a little chip on his shoulder because he felt like he should have won the whole thing and he should already be a state champion. Luckily, he’s back there again this year and he’s gonna give another shot,” says Northwestern’s head coach Nick Olson.

Meyer will be continuing his golf career at the college level as he has already signed on to play at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay.

“Kids are getting recruited when they’re freshmen and sophomores and so he didn’t really get that because of that sophomore season. So his whole junior year, he wasn’t talking to anybody. There wasn’t one school talking to him until we got to regional, sectionals and state and then they found out who Trent is,” says Olson.

“It’s awesome. Coming into high school, one of my goals was to play in college and I worked really hard at it. And one of the dreams was to be able to play at the Division I level. So it was really exciting to be able to go visit Green Bay and be offered a scholarship to play there,” says Meyer.

Meyer’s run at a state championship begins next Monday and Tuesday at Black Wolf Run Golf Course in Kohlar, Wisconsin.


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