Production Crew Begins Filming New Movie In Duluth

DULUTH, Minn. — Production began this week on a new movie called “Merry Kisscam,” where scenes are filming all over Duluth.

Producer Mandy June Turpin originally became intrigued with Duluth while visiting the Catalyst Story Institute’s Content Festival four years ago.

She met many community members and visited different local places, and she says that she knew they would be the perfect backdrop for filming.

“Merry Kisscam,” originally set to film in Chicago, was reworked and written to take place in Duluth.

“The more we discover Duluth we’re like, you know, this would make a great movie,” Turpin said.

A few of the locations that will be showcased include the Carmody Irish Pub, the Apostle Supper Club, and Heritage Ice Arena.

Mandy says that she has many ideas for Duluth’s creative industry and will be back for future productions.

“I went back to Los Angeles and I kind of fell in love with Riki and Shari and they were talking about how they wanted to bring production here,” Turpin said.

Riki McManus, the Chief Production Officer of the Upper Midwest Film Office here in Duluth, was one of the people Mandy said inspired her to return after meeting at Catalyst.

“You can live, work, and play right in the Northland and make a good living at it, too,” McManus said.

Riki says that economic activity, the workforce development, and the ability to have a sustained business model stems from production.

“It means a lot to me, I’ve worked a long time in this industry, but it’s never been this exciting,” she added.

Riki says that this is just the start for the film community and that incentives have played a big role in booming production within Duluth and the Northland.

St. Louis County, Duluth Economic Development Authority, and the state of Minnesota have all offered incentives to the city and have helped put Duluth on the map as a filming production area.

Filming will wrap by the end of June and producers say that fall 2023 is the hopeful release time.

Duluth can continue to expect production and new faces as two new films will take to the streets this July and August.

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