Tax-Forfeited Land Auction Happening Now Through June 9

DULUTH, MN – The St. Louis County Land and Minerals Department is currently holding an online auction for tax-forfeited land and properties through Wednesday June 9th at 11 a.m. The nearly 50 properties up for auction are located all across the county and include homes, commercial properties, and even lake front properties.  Proceeds from the auction go towards maintenance of currently held properties, economic development within the county, with the rest getting apportioned to the local school districts, communities, and the county as a whole.

“We work to get them back into private ownership, into responsible hands that can take care of that land and build it into what they want to be in the future.  We’re always working to try and manage blighted conditions and ensure that we are being a good neighbor in the communities that we operate,” said St. Louis County Land and Minerals Department Director Julie Marinucci.

More information about the properties including photos, maps, starting bid prices and bidding eligibility can be obtained by calling (218) 726-2606 or visiting them on their website.

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