Wrenshall Man Returns Home After 214 Days Hospitalized from Covid-19

WRENSHALL, Minn. — A 38-year-old Wrenshall man returned home for the first time after spending the last 214 days in the hospital
battling covid-19.

Steve Kilby was a healthy man before Covid, according to his friends and family. He worked out, played hockey, and took care of himself, but after getting the virus, Steve became extremely ill.
He was told by many doctors that he may not make it. On Friday, a sendoff from the nurses and faculty at the Ecumen Lakeshore facility in Duluth, signified his road back to normalcy.

Steve was welcomed home by family, friends, and members of his church all holding signs, cheering, and feeling all of the emotions.

His eldest daughter, Melany Lonetto, said that the homecoming brought her, “Tears of joy for sure, no sadness.”

The song “SexyBack” played for his departure, and arrival home. The Kilby’s say that this has been his slogan and anthem while in the hospital. “I stood up on the bed and said I’m bringing “something” sexy back,” Said Steve. “I don’t know it just felt like the right thing to say at the time.”

Over the past seven months, Steve says that he has tried to find humor between the hospital walls and always provided the staff with laughs. Eventually, the nurses and faculty became more than staff, to him. “They became family. It wasn’t so bad not being home for awhile.”

The Kilby’s say that prayers, well-wishes, and donations have helped bring him home. Steve also says that his wife, Michelle, has been his rock and helped to keep the faith strong within their family.

Steve said to, “Never lose hope. Not even when the doctors tell you hope is lost. You say no,” followed by Michelle’s comment, “And here we are. We’re home.”

Despite the uncertainty of his Covid battle, Steve is finally home and he looks forward spending time with his children, wife, and continuing his road to recovery.

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