Gitchee Gumee Agate Festival Rocks on in Lincoln Park

It was the vendors' 2nd year in a row showcasing how their art rocks.

DULUTH, Minn.– Well there was one Duluth summer market Saturday that you didn’t want to take for granite. Especially since it’s all about another rock, agates!

The Gitchee Gumee Agate Festival highlighted Agate vendors and artisans at Duluth MakerSpace and Ursa Minor Brewing in Lincoln Park.

Food trucks, vendors, and Ursa Minor’s new Agate Hunter Sour beer were all featured at the fundraiser for Duluth MakerSpace.

It was the vendors’ 2nd year in a row showcasing how their art rocks.

“I know that for years the vendors did well, they had a great show. When they did have the chance to come back, they came back in force, and everybody just seems to be happy,” Director at Duluth MakerSpace, Mike Olsen, said.

The next large Agate event will be held July 16th in Moose Lake, which is open to the public.

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