Castle Danger Brewery Resumes Growler Sales

TWO HARBORS, Minn. – After a two-and-a-half year hiatus, growler sales returned to Castle Danger Brewery last week.

They stopped selling them back in October of 2019 when they began producing more than 20-thousand barrels of craft beer a year, reaching a then-state limit for growler sales.  A new bill signed last month raised the limit to 150-thousand barrels.  They thank their customers and fans who helped them push for the cap limit’s raise.

“Our bartenders, (I’m) so happy for them,” says co-owner and Chief Financial Manager Jamie McFarlane.  “They are finally able to give the customers what they are been asking for.  Instead of saying ‘No, sorry we can’t do that’, now it’s ‘Yes, we can do that.  What would you like?’  It’s great.”

McFarlane says this isn’t the first time they have worked to change the growler limit.  They worked with several breweries in the Twin Cities area in 2013 to allow them to be sold in tap rooms.  “There were more breweries starting to open, they were definitely gaining popularity with the craft beer culture.  The craft beer industry has just exploded in Minnesota.  Back in 2013 it was an arbitrary number that they just decided ‘20,000, well that will give you some more time and come back when you reach that.’  We did, and it took four years to get it changed.”

McFarlane adds they should be able to sell growlers for the foreseeable future under the new limit.  “It’s going to take a long time.  We’re going to be at around 30,000 barrels this year, so we got a lot of room to grow.”

People can bring their own 64-ounce growler or purchase one when they fill them up at the brewery.  They plan to add additional sizes in the future.  Castle Danger says they are the first brewery in Minnesota that used to sell growlers to get their license back.

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