Concert for Recovery will Return to Duluth in September

DULUTH, Minn. — The 2nd annual concert recognizing those who are in recovery from alcohol and substance abuse, will be returning in September.

Leaders from Duluth Bethel and the DECC made the announcement at a news conference this morning, promoting the 2nd annual concert for recovery, which is scheduled for September 10.

The month of September is dedicated to national recovery and all proceeds from the concert will go towards substance abuse treatment and mental health services in the northland. This event is not only a celebration for those in recovery, but also a way to honor the lives that have been lost to substance abuse and mental health battles.

Nate Stumme, the Duluth Criminal Division Head, spoke at the conference and said, “Neil Young wrote the lyrics to the needle and the damage done. The needle is still causing damage and we all see it, but we all also see recovery. When we see recovery, that is a time to celebrate. That is a time to be proud of the people who work in this field and to be proud of the people who are struggling on this road. They can get to the end, and with your help and your support, we will continue to see improvements.”

Concert goers will start the day at 2pm with popular bands, food vendors, and waterfront views of the Duluth Harbor and Aerial Lift Bridge. Organizers say the band lineup is in the works and is yet to be announced.

The fall event will take place at an outdoor venue behind the DECC and tickets will be sold at the door for 15 dollars.

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